Church Opportunities


*Please Note: According to the IPHC manual, if tithes and reports are not current then you are ineligible to apply for a vacant church.


  1. Harrisonburg-New Hope Outreach (SHEN Dist.)
  2. Liberty Hill (SWVA Dist.)
  3. Rosenbaum Chapel (SWVA Dist.)
  4. Garten PH Church (CWV Dist.)
  5. Second Creek (GRN Dist.)
  6. Leckie PH Church (MCD Dist.)

If you are interested in applying for a vacancy, please email: and address it as follows:

Dear Bishop Mathena:

I am current in my tithe and reporting and I would like my resume submitted to the following churches: (Please list the churches you are interested in applying for.)



(Your Name and Contact Information)


If your reports and tithe are not current, please catch them up before applying. Make sure you have emailed a current resume to


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