Administrative Department

Administrative Department

Ministerial Process

Below is a list of different levels of licensure for ministerial studies. Candidates must be approved by the Board of Trustees before starting the course study program. If you are interested in becoming a licensed minister with the Appalachian Conference please contact us for more information and requirements.

What are the Benefits of becoming a minister?

Level One: Local Church Minister’s Certificate

Courses of Study

MCP 1.01 Kit/ Knowing & Studying The Bible
MCP 1.02 Kit/I.P.H.C. Articles Of Faith & Government
MCP 1.03 Kit /Effective Christian Outreach
MCP 1.04 Kit /Pentecostal History

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Level Two: Minister’s License + 1 Specialty Module

Courses of Study

MCP 1.01 Kit/Knowing and Studying The Bible
MCP 1.02 Kit/IPHC Articles Of Faith and Government
MCP 1.03 Kit/Effective Christian Outreach
MCP 1.04 Kit/Pentecostal History
MCP 1.05 Kit/Theology I
MCP 1.06 Kit/Character
MCP 1.07 Kit/Spiritual Formation-Pastoral Ministry
MCP 1.08 Kit/Leadership I
MCP 1.09 Kit/Prayer Life
MCP 1.10 Kit/Pastoral/Evangelistic Module Homiletics I
MCP 1.11 Kit/Pastoral Care/Counseling
MCP 1.12 Kit/Pastoral Ministry

Pastoral/Evangelistic Module
MCP 1.08 Kit/ Leadership I
MCP 1.09 Kit/ Prayer Life
MCP 1.10 Kit/ Pastoral/Evangelistic Module Homiletics I
MCP 1.11 Kit/ Pastoral Care/Counseling
MCP 1.12 Kit/ Pastoral Ministry

Discipleship Ministries Module
MCP 1.13 Kit/ Church Education Ministry 1
MCP 1.14 Kit/ Church Education Ministry 2
MCP 1.15 Kit/ Church Education Ministry 3

Youth Ministry Module
MCP 1.16 Kit/ Youth Ministry 1
MCP 1.17 Kit/ Youth Ministry 2
MCP 1.18 Kit/ Youth Ministry 3

Children’s Ministry Module
MCP 1.19 Kit/Children’s Ministry I
MCP 1.20 Kit/Children’s Ministry II
MCP 1.21 Kit/Children’s Ministry III

Senior Adult Ministry Module
MCP 1.22 Kit/Senior Adult Ministry I
MCP 1.23 Kit/Senior Adult Ministry II
MCP 1.24 Kit/Senior Adult Ministry III

Singles Ministry Module
MCP 1.25 Kit/Singles Ministry I
MCP 1.26 Kit/Singles Ministry II
MCP 1.27 Kit/Singles Ministry III

Music Ministry Module
MCP 1.28 Kit/Music Ministry I
MCP 1.29 Kit/Music Ministry II
MCP 1.30 Kit/Music Ministry III

Women In Ministry Module
MCP 1.31 Kit/ Women In Ministry 1
MCP 1.32 Kit/ Women In Ministry 2
MCP 1.33 Kit/ Women In Ministry 3

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Level Three: 2-Year Certificate of Ordination

Courses of Study 1st Year

MCP 2.01 Kit/Genesis and Exodus
MCP 2.02 Kit/Acts
MCP 2.03 Kit/The Life Of Christ
MCP 2.04 Kit/Revitalizing Churches
MCP 2.05 Kit/Homiletics II
MCP 2.06 Kit/Introduction to World Missions
MCP 2.07 Kit/Pastoral Ministry
MCP 2.08 Kit/Family Ministry
MCP 2.09 Kit/Spiritual Gifts
MCP 2.10 Kit/Theology II
MCP 2.11 Kit/ Principles of Teaching

2-Year Certificate of Ordination

Courses of Study 2nd Year

MCP 3.01 Kit/Isaiah
MCP 3.02 Kit/Romans
MCP 3.03 Kit/I & II Corinthians
MCP 3.04 Kit/Church Planting
MCP 3.05 Kit/Understanding Our Culture
MCP 3.06 Kit/Church Administration
MCP 3.07 Kit/Church History
MCP 3.08 Kit/Relational Leadership
MCP 3.09 Kit/Christian Ethics
MCP 3.10 Kit/Theology III

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