Church Opportunities

*Please Note: According to the IPHC manual, if tithes and reports are not current then you are ineligible to apply for a vacant church.


  • Baker's Chapel (Southwest District)
  • Faith Assembly (Bluefield District)
  • Gravley Memorial (Southwest District)
  • Point of Contact Ministries (Bluefield District)
  • Ivanhoe (Southwest Virginia District)
  • Landmark Pentecostal Holiness (Athens, WV)
  • White Sulphur Springs, Peniel

If you are interested in applying for a vacancy, email Rhonda Smith and address it as follows:

Dear Bishop Mathena.

I am current in my tithe and reporting and I would like my resume submitted to the following churches: (Please list the churches you are interested in applying for.)

Your Name
Contact Information

Please make sure to attach a copy of your current resume.

If your reports and tithes are not current, please catch them up before applying.