How to Help Our Family in the Congo

Help Our IPHC Family in the Congo

The following is an appeal from Ernest Turner, who is the IPHC WMM Regional Director for West Africa.

Bishop Ejiba Yamapia is overseeing the IPHC work in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He has the rare opportunity to ship a container of humanitarian aid back to the Congo. The only catch is that he has to gather the “Aid” and pack the container. With this in mind, if any of you know of Pastors or Churches that would like to donate any of the following to this cause, he would be most grateful:

• Christian Books, Bible Commentaries, Bibles, Study materials –
• Musical instruments, new or used – usable, KeyBoards, etc.
• Clothing – for adults and children
• Agricultural equipment - Farming tractor (small), lawnmowers, chainsaws, small mechanical
hand-plows (tillers) etc. to give economic growth to the surrounding urban communities
• Generators – gasoline or diesel
• Church furniture, pulpits, pews, choir robes (often used for Bible School graduations.) communion
• School supplies - backpacks, pens, pencils, notebooks
• Bicycles and toys for children
• Bicycles & motorcycles for pastors in rural areas
• Vitamins and medical equipment
• Any other items that may be valuable to help those in need.

All donations, if not new, must be clean and in good working order.
The items will need to be brought to the Dublin Campgrounds by May 16th for shipment to Leesburg, Va. 
Contact Larry Meadors in advance before bringing items. 540-392-1541

Look at the list and imagine:
  • You are a struggling Pastor at a small church, with no electricity; wouldn’t it be nice to get a generator so you could have some evening services with lights? 
  • You’re a young Pastor and have been assigned to a new area, to plant a church, but you have no musical instruments. Wouldn't it be a blessing if someone blessed you with a keyboard and some musical instruments?
  • You might be a Pastor of a progressive, growing church, but you have no “commentaries, study materials, etc.” Wouldn't it be nice if you were blessed with some study books, material that can help you grow? Many Pastors have given their libraries away… but the missionaries can’t get them to the field because they are so heavy and extra baggage is so costly on the airplane.
  • You’re a rural Pastor, with a small piece of land that you pay someone to plow for you once, a year, so you can grow a small crop for your family. Wouldn’t it be great to get a small tractor or even a tiller so you could do that yourself and perhaps even bless your neighbor too?