How to Help Our Ukrainian Family

Our hearts have been touched by the needless suffering of the Ukrainian people at the hands of the Russian invasion force. Perhaps many in your church are asking what can they do?

Prayer is powerful!
Let's believe together for peace to come quickly. Pray for God's protection of His people. For evil to be turned to good, the salvation of many. Spiritual freedom is at stake in this conflict.

Financial Support
You can direct your giving to the Ukraine Emergency Relief Fund #41502P.
IPHC World Missions Ministry was able to send in $60,000 before the invasion started to our pastors. They were able to stockpile supplies, which are now being distributed. (Read the link for more of this story)

Our conference has a strong bond with our Pentecostal Holiness brothers and sisters. In the early 1990's IPHC missionary Geroge Sherry shared at our conference campmeeting about the spiritual hunger of the Ukrainian people who were awakening from the spiritual darkness caused by decades of domination from Russia. I was able to see and minister to these people first hand as a young pastor. A church was planted and in since that time many more churches and support has been sent from our conference.

This is not a faceless crisis. Our team held a service at the church plant which was in a small village in the Chernivtsi Region. Remarkably our hearts had become one with them in the space of one worship service together, so much so that all of us were in tears. Through the translator, one of the women of the church said that they never thought that Americans would weep for them. Today, I am weeping again.